Hello! would anyone please suggest things I should do to improve my accent.. I want to enroll in an accent reduction program but can't find any..I want to imitate an American accent. I'm fluent in English but still have this regional accent. (Filipino-English)... Thanks... Hope to receive some responses...[Emotion: big smile
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Hi Cheesecake_08,

Where are you based? Do you live in the US? I'm sure I could find a school where you could take accent softening classes if I knew where you live. Alternatively, you could go for over-the-telephone accent coaching. In addition to working on your accent with an English teacher or speech pathologist you should listen as much as possible to American English: films and radio are good media for this.

Let me know what you think.
Hi Englishuser!

Thanks for responding. I really aprreciate it. Unfortunately, I'm not living in the US. I'm here in the Philippines and most probably I would take the alternative way. I always watch English movies and programs but still as most non-native speakers problem we still have a very obvious regional accent . I just want to lessen my accent problem. You are right I need to take an accent coaching class. By the way, if you have in any way some contacts here regarding accent softening classes I would gladly want to know.

Thanks again....Emotion: big smile
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Hi Cheesecake_08,
I'd recommend you to contat Berlitz Manila.

I'm sure they could help you with softening your accent (at Berlitz).

Let me know what you think.
Hi Englishuser!

Thanks for the info I appreciate it a lot. Hmmm, it's a bit pricey though...I think I can't afford it.. A friend told me that I don't need to enroll. He suggested that I speak to foreigners more often so I can get used to their intonation and accent. It will help correct my accent in one way or the other....

What do you think?

Thanks for taking time to respond to this message... Have a nice day^^
Hi Cheesecake_08,

I am well aware of the fact that Berlitz courses tend to be quite expensive. What you could do would be to spend time speaking to foreigners; just like you said, you will likely improve your pronunciation a lot this way. However, in order to 'perfect' one's accent, it would be good to see a teacher or instructor who could point out on more subtle pronunciation mistakes you make. For this, you could contact Berltiz or another language school.
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Hi Englishuser!

Thanks for all the responses. It was greatly appreciated....

More powers to you in helping non-native speakers like me... Thanks again.......
Just a tip: Concentrate not only on the accent but also on the intonation, i.e. the rise and fall of your voice.
By the way, we used to live in the Philippines - and I love the way Filipinos speak English!
Hi Annvan!

Thanks for the tip. I agree with you regarding intonation.

Nice to hear you love the way Filipinos speak English....It makes me smile

Emotion: big smile...

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