hi everybody,
this is my first post so i am not sure how all this works, but i am in a anne of green gables and i am supposed to be british, the director says. so could somebody out there give me a basic tutorial on how to speak with a british accent??? thanks!!!
help me please!!!
There have been a lot of posts on this topic recently in the other sections, take a look through what has already been said then if you have any specific questions, post those.
Briefly though,

You will need to pick an English accent a little more specifically, as there are many variations.

Listen to native speakers in films and on tv and note how their pronounciation differs from yours.

It will be quite hard to pick up an accurate English accent without proper training, perhaps you should aim at adding a bit of English 'flavour' to your speech. One of the most obvious differences I can think of is that the English will often drop the sound of 'r', usually at the end of words but sometimes elsewhere.

For example, the above would be pronounced

proper - prop-u (u as in up)
perhaps - pe'haps
flavour - flay-vu

One the other (oth-u) hand, it stays in 'differences, perhaps because it is between two different e sounds that can't just blend in to each other. '

Americans pronouncing all of their Rs is something that English people find quite striking about the accent.