Are there any specific difference between the words?

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incident noun [C]
an event which is either unpleasant or unusual:
an isolated/serious/unfortunate incident
A youth was seriously injured in a shooting incident on Saturday night.

accident noun [C]
1 something which happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, and which often damages something or injures someone:
Josh had an accident and spilled water all over his work.
She was injured in a car/road accident (= when one car hit another).

I've only dealt with the nouns here as otherwise there are too many options to discuss. These are definitions from - this is the dictionary that I use with my students online. Notice the difference in meaning - accident more often refers to something that harms or injures, whereas incident can be any unpleasant event, possibly NOT harmful.
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The word incident means an unusual or important event, while an accident is either a crash involving cars, planes, etc... or a situation in which somebody is injured / something is damaged.
They arrived home without incident = They arrived home uneventfully.
He saw an accident on the highway.
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Incident is any event which causes or could have caused injury, illness, damage to plant, material, or the environment, or public alarm while accident is an incident which causes damages or injury that is above human capacity or threshold limit..

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