I'm a little confused when spelling the word "accidently" vs accidentally. Some dictionaries accept both spellings and then I read somewhere that "accidently" is not a correct way to spell it. Any thoughts?

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Well actually language evolved due to the use of certain 'popular' sounds to describe certain objects or things. So in fact any popular usage is correct. 'Correct' and 'incorrect' ideas are simply human constructs often simply reflecting a type of word snobery. As language itself is a human construct any person may change at will as it is a purely tool of our expression. So long as others understand us a simple change of spelling matters not one wit.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't recommend this 'change at will / matters not one whit' approach to spelling if you are writing, for example, a job application, or a business report for your boss, or a university essay. Emotion: wink

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I think the hair we are splitting here can be simplified as the difference between accepted (accidently) and proper (accidentally.) I always prefer to use the proper spelling, assuming that I know which is which.
I suggest you use " accidentally " instead because it is more commonly used than accidently.
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accidentally is spelt right! accidently is underlined red so accidently isn't a word!

It is underlined red on youtube. I'm not sure if there both a word? I'll figure it out.
Accident is the noun. Accidental is the adjective. Add the suffix -ly to form the adverb accidentally
I agree with Anonymous. Accidentally is an adjective, so one is correct in using this spelling in the proper context.
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Accidentally is an adjective- - Nope. Please pay attention at least if you are going to post anonymous confirmations.
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