I'm a little confused when spelling the word "accidently" vs accidentally. Some dictionaries accept both spellings and then I read somewhere that "accidently" is not a correct way to spell it. Any thoughts?

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The subtle usage of 'Misspelt' vs. 'Misspelled' is quite entertaining here. Similar relation, and accordingly 'Misspelled' would likely annoy many readers. I'm hoping this was not done 'accidentally'. Emotion: smile
Could someone please verify that this sentence is complete, or a typing error?

"... , from which it could derived quite regularly."

Did the writer intend to put 'be" or "not be" between "could" and "derived"? As-is, the complete sentence indicates that "be" was left-out, but I'd like to be certain.
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Yes, there is probably an omission (though I can imagine its possibility).
Google chrome wishes me to spell it 'Accidentally' and it is pretty accurate for everything else! Plus you also need to take in mind that there are a lot of urban dictionaries on the internet and as such should be careful about the reliability of your lookups! I find the best thing to do is to spell it like it sounds into a Google search bar and it usually gives you the correct spelling as a suggestion! Or you could be old fashioned and look it up in an actual dictionary! You know.... the thing with pages that doesn't have a screen? You may think that I am being funny but honestly, in a few years the new generation shall not know what books are! That is my bet anyway!
Go and buy an Oxford dictionary from your local book store or even rent one from your local library, it is going to be better then any online dictionary.
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AnonymousGo and buy an Oxford dictionary from your local book store or even rent one from your local library, it is going to be better then any online dictionary.
Not necessarily true nowadays. In fact, Oxford itself is on-line: http://oxforddictionaries.com /
1) accidental is an adjective - not an adverb.
2) "not a word" just proves your ignorance about what makes a word, a word.
3) enter google
Accidently - 15,300,000 results
Accidentally - 88,200,000 results

Yes, one is more common usage than the other.
Yes, they are both words.
No, you are wrong, popular is exactly how words are defined, used, created and forgotten.

Decimate, as a perfect example, now has two common usages:
one is the original usage which is rarely used these days
and the other is the current popular usage which is almost always used.

Common usage defines the language, not a book from 3000 years ago. or 200. or 50.
Welcome to the real world and a living language.

Look up gay and *** and tell us how everyone is using the words incorrectly.
Do you not think it might be better to use an English dictionary, such as Collins, to acertain the correct spelling of words in the English language? It is well noted, by English people, that many words are incorrectly spelt by other users of the English language.
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BAnholzer They're both technically right. "Accidently" is a variant of "accidentally" in most dictionaries. It's been said, but it's best to pick a dictionary and stick with it for consistency. (Merriam Webster is the one I use also.) And in the cases of variants, I try to avoid them at all costs. A variant (accidently, alright) is accepted in some circles but not in others. A nonvariant (accidentally, all right) is accepted everywhere. It's more right, if there is such a thing.
I agree with my quote- they both are technically right. It's just that one version is actually AMERICAN.
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