I'm a little confused when spelling the word "accidently" vs accidentally. Some dictionaries accept both spellings and then I read somewhere that "accidently" is not a correct way to spell it. Any thoughts?

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"accidental" is not an adverb. It doesn't describe a verb. It is an adjective; It describes a noun. eg; We can say " It was an accidental death," but it is not correct to say "He died accidental" Accidently is an acceptable alternative and it corresponds more closely to the spoken language in Britain and even Australia. I don't know about America.
Dictionaries are not the be-all end-all of what is and is not correct. We don't use words for things because they are in the dictionary; the dictionary is a list of the words we use (descriptive, not prescriptive).

By the way, "accidental" is definitely an adjective. I would say that both "accidentally" and "accidental" come from the noun "accident." This means that the adverb "accidently" is just as acceptable as "accidentally" by the conventions of grammar.
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AnonymousThis means that the adverb "accidently" is just as acceptable as "accidentally" by the conventions of grammar.
Both spellings are in the dictionary I use. However, "accidentally" is listed first, which means it is the most frequently-used form. And the American Corpus confirms; the first spelling is 100 times more common than the second.
Wow. I've almost never seen "all right" so when someone does use it, I assume it was some sort of typo/autocorrect thing. Good to know it's accepted everywhere.
Oh i always type "Accidently"

cuz im addicted at dat spellin' bruh i type in a slang mode c:
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I'm surprised, then, that you didn't type it as Axidenleey. Emotion: wink
It is NOT is an alternate spelling of "accidentally". That would mean that the word is used as every second (i.e.alternate) use of the two words. It is an alternative spelling of "accidentally!"
Accidently is technically incorrect. Language and spelling have structures and syntax that must be adhered to, in order to avoid making nonsensical words and phrases.

you can't make a noun into an adverb by putting ly on the end.
Accident is a noun.
Accidental is the adjective.
Therefore, when we turn the adjective into the adverb - by adding ly - we end up with accidentally.

We can spell words like: independently, incoherently, silently, etc. because independent, incoherent and silent are all adjectives, NOT nouns.

To those who have claimed that accidently is correct because it is in common use, and a part of the evolution of language; you are you using an appeal to popularity fallacy.

Should of, would of, could of, and might of are all very commonly used in speech today, but are all techically incorrect.

And to those who claiim that accidently is an American spelling, there is no such thing as American English, only correct English, and incorrect English.
Americans speak English.
In no other circumstances do people alter the spelling of words, in a language different from their own, and claim that it's "their way of spelling it".
There is no English spelling of French, Spanish, African, Dutch... words.
See my point?
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Anonymous there is no such thing as American English, only correct English, and incorrect English.
If you are going to be anonymous, your credentials in making such statements will not be taken seriously. It's just some random musings from an opinionated entity. And these proliferate on the Internet as thickly as maggots on carrion.

If you wish to be taken seriously, please quote a recognized authority. That is, if you can find the authority of the English language.
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