Are these sentences have exact meaning? When we suppose to use this sentences?
Yes, we do use "according to + noun/pronoun". It sounds odd when using it in the affirmative with "me". You could say it if surprised by someone's accusations against you, for example.

Friend: According to you, the moon is made of cheese.

You: According to me? When did I say that? I never said that!


The "in my point of view" sounds rather Spanglish. It should be "from my point of view". We normally drop the "point of" and say just "in my view". Other, less formal possibilities could be:

to my mind: to emphasise that this is your opinion
I reckon: usually to express an opinion about what is likely to happen
I feel: to express a strong personal opinion
if you ask me: to express an opinion that may be critical
to be honest (with you): to express a critical opinion without seeming rude
as far as I'm concerned: to express an opinion that may be different from others

Formal examples, for academic essays etc.:

I think that…
It seems to me that…
I would argue that…
I do not believe that…
I am unconvinced that…
I do not agree that…
The expressions you're looking for are: "in my opinion", "in my view", "to my mind". They're equivalent.
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Good explanation, Milky.

Another formal expression is "It is my contention that..."
Yep, good explanations and useful expressions they are.
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May I know whether the sentence below is correct.
According to me, the best things in life are very small things and they are free for us.
The explanation given above is a good one. Did you read it?

To simply express your opinion in everyday conversation, I suggest you do not use "According to me." It's fine for other pronouns and other nouns. According to Mike, according to her, according to the written procedure, but not acording to me.

You can say many other things: I believe, In my opinion, It's my expressed belief that, I contend, etc.
Hi there,

I agree the above explain statement.
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No, it's not correct.