A google search shows:

According to my opinion --- ------3,700 lisitings (still correct?)
In my opinion -----------------3,280,000

a lot of trouble ------------------211,000
a lot of troubles --------------------7,200 (still correct?)

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Hello BMO

1. Opinion

If you always choose 'in my opinion', you won't go wrong.

(Several of the Google examples of 'according to my opinion' are from texts
written by non-native speakers.)

2. Troubles

You would use 'a lot of trouble' in phrases such as 'that was a lot of trouble',
'I went to a lot of trouble', 'that gave me a lot of trouble', etc., where 'trouble'
means 'inconvenience'; also in 'I got into a lot of trouble at school', etc.

If you wanted to say 'things that worry me', or 'things that are a source of mental
pain', you would use the second phrase: 'I've got a lot of troubles...'

In brief, when you use 'a lot of troubles', you're usually complaining
about how life is treating you. It's the 'crying smiley' emoticon
in triplicate...


there is a difference in trouble/troubles. thanks a lot.
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My 2 cents:

I normally put "people" after "according to". For example:

According to our president
according to our teacher

In a way, "according to my opinion" sounds redundant to me. (that bit is already implied by "according to") No?
but you can't say, according to myself.
I would not call 'according to my opinion' idiomatic. You do sometimes hear
it or read it, but it says 'Mistake!' to me.

AMO, anyways.

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'according to myself is wrong, simply because 'according to' means ' on the authority of', and one would never quote themselves as the authority, it's just weird. That's also the reason why 'according to' is followd by the source of the opinion as it is the source that carries the authority not the opinion on its own.

cheersEmotion: smile
can't trust the Internet all the time. can you imagine there are 3,700 listings of "according to my opinion" on the Internet?

similarly, by my opinion, as in "this book, by my opinion, is garbage," is wrong and should be replaced by "in my opinion," but this is on the Internet.

thanks again.

you're right. But if I want to sound arrogant, I can say "according to me". Right?

A: "According to my opinion" is just plain wrong!
B: Wrong according to whom?
A: Me/yours truly/moi

On second thought, "according to" can be followed by a source.
e.g. According to the latest poll
according to Encyclopedia Brittanica
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