Hi, I wanted to delete my account but I keep receiving an error message saying I should contact a moderator.

A software update broke the account deletion function, and our engineer hasn't been able to fix it, so we can't delete accounts at the moment. If account deletion were working, it would delete your profile page and assign all your posts to "Anonymous". What I can do is ban you, and change your username to something generic, like "mjxrp". Your profile would be inaccessible to ordinary members, though clicking on the username associated with your posts would result in seeing a message to the effect that "This user has been banned". If necessary I can edit posts to remove personally identifying information.

Let me know if you'd like me to do this.

Thanks for the reply. The point is to avoid leaving open accounts on services I no longer use, so I changed myself the email address to a temporary inbox. There is no need to edit my posts, but please do change my username to a random string of characters.

Also please keep in mind that after I close this session I will no longer have access to this account. Thank you for the support.

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OK, I've changed your name and banned you. If you would like to reopen your account at some point, please let me know. I would of course need to verify it's you via the email address you just registered. Alternatively, you could simply set up a new account if you decide you'd like to rejoin us.