I have a simple question: which of the following is correct (or are they both correct?)

Across the street there is a store and a fire hall


Across the street there are a store and a fire hall

thanks, im all about #1 (native speaker), but I recently got corrected in my typing to #2, and am very confused.
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If you seperate the objects as: or
there are
listed objects, in other words, and there is a list of objects.
In other other words, yes, you can say there is a store and a fire hall,
but to continue more than twice using 'and' would be redundant
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thank you kindly- now, what about my bet? re: commas
Hello lookfar

I'll have to think about that one. But no doubt there'll be a whole cluster of conflicting answers hanging off your thread by tomorrow.

See you
Hello, teachers!

If we omit 'there', which verb is correct?

- Across the street is/are a store and a fire hall.

Thank you very much.
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ARE definitely
Thank you very much, Lookfar!
Existential there vs Presentational there

Simple existential there
(o) "It was a real nice party. There were MrP, CJ, and MrM."
(?) "It was a real nice party. There was MrP, CJ, and MrM."

Presentational there [Listing there]
(o) "Who was at the party?" "There were MrP, CJ, and MrM."
(o) "Who was at the party?" "There was MrP, CJ, and MrM.

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