Scientists have now proved that it was indeed a meteor that caused the disappearance of

dinosaurs 65 million years ago. This event allowed mammals, in particular Man to become the dominant species.

So ... Was this just a accident or did 'God' send this meteor?

If 'God ' did send it (divine plan ect.) why did he wait 160 million years before getting rid

of the dinosaurs?

Indeed why did he create the dinosaurs in the first place?
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Perhaps he realised after all that he had made a mistake? Emotion: smile Luckily for us.

A Mistake!!!....This is our all knowing super duper being....Mr Perfect...he would have known what was going to happen before he created the dinosaurs... wouldn't he?

Mind you it's an interesting thought.. God makes mistakes! could be quite revealing when he gets around to admiting them...

"Did I say pray five times on Sunday?"......."Sorry about that, I meant twice every third Wednesday"

Emotion: big smile
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I think the reason is to make oil avaliable on earth as u all know oil was made as a result of Decomposition of these big animals. That why we have plenty of oil in our planet today. And without it, we would still be living in stone age until today.
God doesn't do mistakes.
IF God does mistakesi then it means It is not God.

According to Islamic belief, God doesn't affect everything but he knows what is gonna happen.
I guess GOD did that just to keep us wondering and thinking about the mysteries of this gigantic universe ...
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In my opinion God hadn't anything to do with the meteorite.It was just a natural catastrophe. But it's really sad that the Dinosaurs died out.I'd love to see one alive.
I believe there are some mythical power which

started the whole universe, but relating every thing

happens in every second to the god's will is a bit

exaggerated. It has been proved that some self-

developing softwares will come up with unpredictable

results, which was originally totally designed by

engineers. For how dinosaur went extinct, to me,

it's just an accident. Emotion: smile
There are many animals (such as birds and reptiles) that are descendants of dinosoaurs, they have just evolved into forms that we no longer label as dinosoars. Not everything on earth was wiped out when the meteorite hit. We managed to evolve from what survived!
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