Hi All,

I am a new EFL teacher and I am a begging researcher. I would like to do an action research about "Think Pair Share Strategy". To be more specific, How think pair share strategy increses the studnets participation in EFL classroom. If any of you have an idea or would like to hep, please do, it's really my plesure.

Thanks a lot

I am also in UAE (Abu Dhabi). I attended the TEF (Test Evaluation Francaise), and I am preparing for the IELTS now.

I attended a course for the TEF, and I may help you regarding your research (it is not for the EFL, but I believe most language courses are the same).

I dont know the forum regulations, and if it is allowed to post my contact data here.

Anyway, let me know if you are interested.

Best regards,
Hi , could you please let me know where have u taken TEF Courses because i am interested in Learning French and giving the TEF Exam too. Thanks