How do i distinguish , if the given sentence is active or passive?

In general if a sentence is written, what would be the possibilty of active and passive.

Is all the sentence , whatever it may be ,should fall either in active or passive?

If so why?

Else is there any other form is available..

Please help me out .May be it sounds foolish question.

I hope our forum people are so generous to this kind of questions.

Thanx in advance
Verbs (not sentences) may be either active or passive. They cannot be neither, and they cannot be both simultaneously.

Passive voice is pretty easy to spot, because the verb will be preceded by the word "been".

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to spot if a sentence is active or passive. You need to look for the ' past participle ' form of a verb.

And try to change the sentence into an active if you think it is a passive, if you could do that then the sentence is a passive.

eg. He was critically reprimanded by his boss on his failure to secure a big transaction.

the past participle here is ' reprimanded ' , the subject is ' he ' and the object is ' his boss '. So do the reverse

eg. The boss reprimanded him on his failure to secure a big transaction. Hah, it works like a charm.
Okay, I admit it. I'm embarrassed.

My answer was incomplete. Listen to WHL. They know what they're talking about.

He draws a map

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He draws a map

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