Hi all. I am an English Teacher from Turkey. I am planning to build a website teaching English. It's target students are Turks who are trying to learn English. But step by step I want to enlarge the project and thus many people from different countries can learn English from our website. To achieve this, I need to cooperate with active English teachers who checks his/her email inbox everyday. If you want to be a part of this project please send me an email telling about yourself. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day
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That's a good idea ! I think you are an active teacher. I'm from Vietnam. I want to be a part of this project. It's very interesting to have some i deas about this topic . In my ddistrict, Vietnamese students often have many difficultie s iin learning vocabulary.a
Hi! I'm from Spain. I would be so happy to join this project. I'm currently an Englih teacher but I have free time during mornings, so I could help in the learning of English. My email: <<removed by moderator; please register and leave it in your profile>>
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Hi im joanne from Ireland but in Turkey in Izmir and am teaching here.Can you explain more.Also do you know how much I should charge for doing a lesson to a group for practical english,per hour?
Thank you
My email is [posted in personal profile]
Hi Joanne,
I can't see your email address since you are not a registered user. Can you please register and send your email address to me in private? I will write you back as soon as i get your message. Thank you
Hello! Are you still looking for English tutors? I am an English native. I've taught at University, high school and in teacher training centres abroad. I've also completed the Oxford University Effective Online Learning course.
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Yeah I'm still looking for English tutors. But I have to say that is a project for volunteer teachers. Since the site doesn't get any money, I can't pay for projects teachers participating in. If you are still interested in this project just let me know
Hello again! I am currently running free English classes here in Liverpool for foreign visitors to the city so I have no problem with volunteering. I am very interested in getting involved. I was recently working for the Spanish Ministry Of Education and have taught most levels from basic to advanced and most age groups. Let me know if I can be of any help to you with the project!
hi englishradio,
My email details are on my profile. If you d like to work with me, just send me a short email and soon I will write you back. Thanks for replying my message.
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