I am having trouble understanding active and passive voice. Could you please help me with the following:

1. The material has been tested by our engineers, and they like it.
( The first clause is passive; the second clause is active, am I right?)

2. Your machine has been repaired, and it will be returned to you today.
(Both clauses are in passive voice?)

3. Which one contains active voice?
The supervisor announced the new work schedule. (I am thinking this is the correct one.)
The compositions were corrected by the teacher.
The patient's c-ray was read by the radiologist.
Too many mistakes were found in this document.

I read the indirect writing style is called passive voice, which means the subject received the verb's action. A direct writting style is called active voice, which means the subject does the verb's action. This to me is confusing, but I'll keep on until I get it in my head. Please let me know if I am correct in the previous 3 questions.Emotion: smile Thanks for all of your help.
There's a trick you can sometimes use to figure this out.

If the word order is , chances are it's active voice.
If the word order is , chances are it's passive voice.

This doesn't always work. Some verbs are intransitive, sometimes subject or object are omitted, sometimes the word order is neither of the above, etc., etc., but it'll catch about 90% of cases.


eg. I made a post.

Subject = I

Verb = made

Object = a post.


eg. A post was made by me.

The object has become the subject and vice versa.

verb to be ' was ' is accompanied by past participle ' made '
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Thank you very much for your help. Your example was very helpful in getting it through to my head!
Dear Harley Bunny,

Your three question of answers are correcrt

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