change in to passive voice ''burn this candle''
Commands cannot be made passive.
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"Let this candle be burnt"
Sirs, what about this one? It too feel wrong, but i have heard teachers say like this..
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Doha0011"Let this candle be burnt"
It seems to me that there are a number of teachers, principally in Asian countries, who teach the "Let" construction as the passive form of a command, so there may be areas in the world where you will be required to give this as the "correct answer". Nevertheless, in the Western world, we don't think of the "Let" construction as a passive in these cases, probably because the phrasing with "Let" and a passive is almost never used anymore; it's almost a relic from historical times.

Thank you very much Sir. You are absolutely correct. 'Let' construction is taught in the Asian Countries. Emotion: smile

burn this candle

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burn this candle

You have two errors here. You need to start this correctly and you need to end it correctly. Have you been taught how to do this yet?