Good morning,

I've just a little (and probably easy) question concerning the difference between adjective and adverb.


Child: "I've done my homework"

Adult: "Very good!" or "Very well!"

Wich response is correct and why?

I generally know the difference between adj. and adv., but in this simple case I can't decide which answer is correct because I can find plausible explanations for both possibilities.

Thanks in advance!

Mister Pink
Welcome Mister Pink-- now we have two MrPs!-- to English Forums. You pose an interesting question.

If we extend the phrase to a complete sentence, we likely get:

C: I've done my homework.
A: That (fact) is very good.

Ergo: predicate adjective. To use the adverb, I think A would have to say (That is) very well done!

Meanwhile, very well I think we use in a different way:

C: I haven't done my homework.
A: Very well-- you shan't have any TV until you have done it.

Now, what is the extension of the phrase here? It seems to me to be an adverbial commenting on the whole sentence.
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Thanks for the immediate answer!

If I had known that a Mister Pink is already existing I would have probably chosen another name...
No, no, Mister Pink-- the other MrP is Mr Pedantic, whom you will no doubt soon meet, as he is a moderator extraordinaire. There are two MrPs, not two Mister Pinks-- you are unique (and I don't think the software would have it any other way).
Okay, then I've just misunderstood you...
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