we say "dress warm". Is "dress warmly" correct? If "dress warm" is correct, explain why.
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Dress in clothes which will keep you warm. You are warm (adjective) when you wear those clothes.

Greet the guests warmly when they arrive at your party. The greeting is performed warmly (adverb) -- with a smile and a "Welcome!" -- in a warm manner.

If you were to "dress warmly", you would do so feeling very gracious to yourself and your clothes! I don't believe that's the meaning intended.

Therefore, I would say "Dress warmly" is wrong; "Dress warm" is correct.

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Hello JC

I'm wondering if "dress warmly" always means "dress with warm gratitude". OED defines "warmly" as its first definition that it means "so as to be warm"; just the same as the adverb "warm".

I googled "dressed warmly" and "dressed warm" and the result is: 7240 hits for the former and 707 hits for the latter. Do you think so many English speaking people wear clothes to show their kindness rather than to get warm?

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Hi, Paco!

I assure you I am not Jesus Christ (JC), but California Jim (CJ)!

I'm amazed at your Google results.

And the wearing of clothes to show kindness was tongue-in-cheek!

Jesus Christ!, I made a big mistake! I should have written CJ not JC. Sorry for the mistake.

Don't be sorry. In many cultures, it constitutes a big promotion! Emotion: smile
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Hello CJ again

The first example sentence given in the entry "warmly" in my E-J dictionary is "Dress warmly. It's cold outside". I guess this kind of phrase must be almost always alien to the place you are living. But which one do your people (Californians) say, "dress coolly" or "dress cool"?

re: "dress warm" or "dress warmly"

Grammatically, "dress"(used in this expression) is a verb, so "warm" and "warmly" cannot be adjectives but adverbs.
If you were to ask the question, "How should I dress in this cold weather?", the answer(to me, anyway) would be:-

a) "You should be WARMLY DRESSED"
b) "You should dress WARMLY."
c) "You should dress to keep yourself WARM." ( In this sentence, "warm" is an adjective qualifying the pronoun "yourself")

On the contrary, December and January can be months when we sometimes need to dress warm(ly)!

I've never heard "Dress cool" or "Dress coolly". Maybe "Dress in light clothes", "Wear light clothes".

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