I am a french native speaker and I study translation (english to french). I have a text to translate and I have to clarify something about the use of the adjective in this "sentence":

... the first round of extensive physical examinations and lifestyle interviews that they would later....

My question is: Is the adjective extensive only referring to the physical examination or referring to both nouns ( syntagms) physical examination and lifestyle interviews ?

Let me know if you think my question is not clear enough.

Thanks to all !
I think it is reasonable to assume it refers to both, as it makes sense. Fortunately, when you get it to French, because of agreement and position, it will be clearer.
Unfortunately, the sentence just isn't very clear. I agree that it sounds as if the writer meant both - this is a very arduous process, clearly - but the idea of an "extensive lifestyle interview" is a little odd. I guess that means they ask a LOT of questions? Emotion: smile