Hi again teachers!

I came across the sentence below in my book while studying. What I am wondering about is why an adjective sad follows a preposition as here. As far as I know preposition can only have noun and gerund object.

"Maybe we have just came to hear certain kind of music as sad because we have learned to associate them in our culture with sad events like funerals"

As always, thank you so much 😄

Michelle Cha"Maybe we have just came to hear certain kind of music as sounding / being sad

The linking verb is often omitted when the meaning is obvious.

Michelle Chaas sad

One possible interpretation is

as sad music.

'as' can be considered a conjunction, a preposition, or an adverb. No matter how you classify it, you can use it with an adjective. "as" with an adjective answers the question "How?"

Here are the typical uses of the kind you have in your example. Note that all the expressions that precede "as {adjective}" have to do with how something or someone is perceived.

be seen as sad, see something as sad, strikes me as sad, qualifies as sad, is described as sad, describe something as sad, read their faces as angry, depicted the team as angry, perceive him as angry, came across as angry, regard the number eight as lucky, to view someone as lucky