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Look at these sentences with my answers.

Q1 : We were surprized when the _______ parade ___________ turned into a _______ party.

(a) dull, suddenly, wild

(b) duller, all of sudden, wilder

(c) dullest, suddenly, wildest

(d) dull, sudden, wild

ANS : (a)

Q2 : I think Pamela deserves to be punished for her _________ stupid and __________ behaviour.

(a) irresponsible, totally

(b) totally, irresponsibility

(c) totally, irresponsible

(d) total, irresponsibly

ANS : (c)

Q3 : While _____ of our relatives live on the ________ hill in the country, _______ of our friends live in the _______ _________ areas of the valley.

(a) more, windy, many, most, protection

(b) most, windier, more, most, protective

(c) many, windiest, most, more, protected

(d) many, widing, more, most, protected

ANS : (c)

Can anyone help me that my answers are correct.

Your answers are fine.[Y]


on my desk.

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Choose the series of prepositions that best completes the following sentence.

I placed my notes_________my desk and referred to them___________ the meeting.

Answer: b. beside, during

IS that right answer?????
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