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1. An adjective describes a noun

2. An adverb describes a verb; An adverb can also modify an adjective or another adverb.

The bank made a net loss of 950m Swiss francs (£440m; $700m) in the last three months of 2002, pushing into a full-year loss of 3.3bn francs.

But Credit Suisse still aims to return to profit as early as this year, and is cutting its dividend payout by 95%, and shedding up to 1,250 jobs, to stem outgoings.

The axe will fall the heaviest in its financial services division, which includes banking, wealth management and insurance operations.

The heaviest = adjective or adverb?

I can’t find the noun and the verb!

Your advice will be very much appreciated!
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Thank you very much!

Best wishes, Nokia88
Heaviest = this is a superlative adjective because it uses the 'est' inflection, having changed the 'y' in heavy to an 'i' before we add the suffix (inflection). It shows how one noun was heavier than the rest (2 or more). NB 'heavier' is a comparative adjective which uses inflection (er) to show how one noun was heavier than one other.

Hope that helps
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