I am marking a grammer test and I am just a bit unsure about identifying the adjectives in each of these sentences:

1. Getting the children out of the house safely was the foremost thought in my head. (1 adjective)

2. The hail came down so hard that it crushed all the flowers I had planted. (3 adjectives)

3. John showed up at the party late. (1 adjective)

4. Our neighbours got into a dispute about where their properties are divided. (1 adjective)

I would really appreciate if someone could help me out, thank you.
Hello, Anon!

Do you mean you have to find those numbers of adjectives in each sentences, or that you have found those numbers of adjectives?
The test stated that that was the number of adjectives in each sentence.
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According to traditional grammar, there is only one adjective in your four sentences (foremost).

"Foremost" and "all" are adjectives. "Hard" is usually an adjective but here it's an adverb.
Isn't "all" an adjective too?
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PieanneIsn't "all" an adjective too?

Varying terminology is used. I represent the school that never calls words like all, this and every adjectives.