I'd like to memorize some common adjectives followed by doing, instead of to do. I have googled and found some examples, like these:

busy doing

comfortable doing

natural doing

happy doing

strange doing

uneasy doing

nice doing

great doing

wonderful doing

Could you please give me some more examples? I think I need to memorize them one by one, since there is no consistent rule.

Thank you very much.


"worth doing" is an important one to know.

Not an adjective, but all the ones with spending time follow the same pattern.

They spent time examining the rocks which most interested them.
The pair spent a day working closely with the client to get the project on track.
While I was in Minneapolis, I spent an hour talking to the Somali community.


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My rule of thumb is, the adjective with gerund is more idiomatic, but it also depends on the context.

busy doing ( she is busy cooking for the party) OK

comfortable doing OK

natural doing No, it should be infinitive ( It is natural to procrastinate)

happy doing It should be infinitive ( I'll be happy to help you)

strange doing Depending on the situation, either infinitive or gerund is possible ( I feel strange to shake / shaking her hand)

uneasy doing Same comment as above

nice doing Same comment as above

great doing Same comment as above

wonderful doing Same comment as above

She does not feel natural talking with me.

Isn't it "natural doing"?