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So, for example, "chicken hors d'oeuvres" is an example of what? Is 'chicken' an adjective?

Here it is an attributive noun. It fills an Adjective Phrase slot. It means one of four things: 1. Special snacks fed to chickens. 2. Snacks shaped like chickens. 3. Snacks containing chicken meat. 4. Cowardly snacks (this would be in a poetic context).

That last would be an adjective. Cf. "You're chicken". Or "foxy hors d'oeuvres".

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Other languages have dealt with the loss of case markings in other ways.

Some relatives of mine have an Easter egg tree
decoration box (in which they keep the decorations for their annual Easter egg tree in the yard). I
heard their Argentinean exchange-student guest
refer to it (in Spanish) as "the box of the
decorations of the tree of the eggs of Easter."
I like the English system better.
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