Which adjectives can the verb love have? I suppose they vary from language to language.
i.e. I love you immensely.
Lovable & hateful
Hello Maj

Much depends on the kind of love you're talking about.

For instance, if you were talking to a cousin, 'I love you immensely' would be rather surprising. If you were talking to a boyfriend, on the other hand, it would probably be fine, if he was quite a new boyfriend. (Any other kind of boyfriend would be immediately suspicious and check your phone bill for unusual numbers.)

I think a cat would be ok. You could say it to a cat.

Personally, I'd be inclined to leave it unsaid and keep them guessing, — cousins, boyfriends, cats, the lot.

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Actually, immensely is an adverb. And adjectives do not modify verbs (if that is what you meant), but they can act as subject complements to linking verbs:

"The sky is beautiful."

In the sentence "I love you immensely," immensely is an adverb that modifies the action verb, love. Love is a transitive verb, and you, is the direct object of love.

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i am so confuseds..........what are some adjectives for love and hatredge
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You mean it is safer just to say 'I love you'. Thanks for your post. I suppose it has saved me from an embarrasing situation. I promise I won't say those words anymore.