Five people died and more than 80 were injured when a commercial airliner overshot the runway into an adjoining street, crushing three vehicles and splitting into three sections before resting a few feet from a house, officials said.


Woudl it be better to describe the street as intersecting? Adjoining means there's no space between the street and the runway, not even a fence to separate them I believe.If not, please help me understand the meaning of adjoining street.

A residential street "adjoining" a runway does seem slightly odd, now you mention it. I imagine it means that the street adjoins the airport itself (rather than specifically the runway) -- in other words, it runs along the perimeter of the airport, just outside the boundary fence.

I don't think "intersecting" quite works -- that would mean the street crosses the runway (or the airport), which is even less likely.
Thanks, Mr. Wordy.