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could anyone decipher how you would classify 'Within seconds'? 'while'? 'when'? 'who'? 'apparently'?'somehow'? and 'closely'? I'm struggling with the differences between different adjuncts, so I need a little help. Thank you again.


Sorry, Melissa, your question appears to be drifting off the board. I cannot locate Halliday's classification of adjuncts (I don't have the Bloor & Bloor text, and its contents do not appear to be available on the internet).

But I can bump this back up and perhaps another member will know the answer.
There are three basic adjunct types (Halliday 1994):

1. experiential (circumstance/location)
2. textual (conjuncts; they bond clauses)
3. modal (writer's attitude)

However (textual) unfortunately (modal) we can't meet at noon (experiential).

Here are my guesses:

'Within seconds' (circumstance)
'while' (conjunct)
'when' (conjunct)
'who' (conjunct)
'apparently' (modal)
'somehow' (modal)
'closely' (cicumstance)
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Thank you Mister Micawber and Casi. I really appreciate the replies. Your response has definitely helped. Emotion: geeked

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