Dear teachers ,

In my country , there are many foreign languages centers /schools . If I want to take a course in English , for example , I have to come to the office of these centers/schools to register for the course . How do you say this office in English ? Is it ok if I call it registration office , registrar's office or admissions office ? And how do you call the person who works in this office ? Can I call them admissions officers ? Please help me use the exact words /phrases to call this office and the person working in it . The manager of a foreign language center has asked me to stick a name tag at the window of this office , but I don't know how to write it . Please help . It is urgent .

Thank you in advance
TuongvanIs it ok if I call it registration office , registrar's office or admissions office ? And how do you call the person who works in this office ?
In the U. S. this varies from institution to institution. Each institution determines its own name for these offices and title for the people who work there. Your best bet is to check with someone who works there to find the title they use for the job function in question.
Hi Tuongvan,
As Philip and RayH pointed out, there are many possibilities. Here is one system for you to consider:

A Registrar's Office

/ Office of the Registrar includes:

1. The Admission Department / Office is responsible for class registration and scheduling activities.
2. The Transcript Department / Office provides students access to their academic records.

3. The Verification Department / Office provides verification of the student's status of enrollment, graduation, and degrees conferred / awarded.

4. The Graduation Department / Office provides services related to graduation and diplomas.

A person who works in the registrar office is called a registrar.

A person who works in the admission department / office is called either a registrar or admission officer. However, the latter is more specific.
Again, please note that not every school follows this set up. In some schools, "the registration office" and "the admission office" can be used interchangeably.
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There are many possibilities. It seems logical to me that at a foreign language center there would be someone there who can decide what would be appropriate for that particular office or person.
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Dear teachers ,

At my center some teachers ( Vietnamese teachers )say it's admissions office and admissions officer but others say it's registration office and registration officer .As far as I know both admissions office and registration are ok , but I am not sure .PLease help me clarify this . Can admissions office and registration office be used interchangeably ? If not , what 's the difference between them ?

Thank you very much in advance
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To me, without knowing the details, let's say someone wants to take the English course, he must first register before the admission. So the logical name for this counter/ window or office should be “registration” which is responsible for validating and recording the information of the applicants.