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what is the plural form of adnexa?


According to

the term 'adnexa' is the plural form of 'adnexus'.



/ædˈnɛksə/ Show Spelled[ad-nek-suh]

–plural noun Anatomy .
parts added, attached, or adjunct to another or others, as the eyelids and tear glands in relation to the eyeball.

1895–1900; < L, neut. pl. of adnexus
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What is the plural form of adnexa?

The word adnexa means appendages or auxiliary parts (plural) , usually referring to the fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Adnexa, feces, genitalia, menses, scabies, tongs, tweezers are always plural.

Circulation, vision, ascites, and herpes are singular in meaning.

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