when you greet someone today, who will be celebrating his birthday in two day, which is the correct phrase?

Advanced happy birthday or Advance happy birthday?

I find it confusing, like is it Advanced Screening or Advance Screening?

Pls. enlighten me
We usually say Happy Birthday in advance! or Happy Birthday for Tuesday!
Happy birthday in advance.
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Wrong = Advanced happy birthday.
Wrong = Advance happy birthday.
Right = Happy birthday in advance.

Best wishes, Clive
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hi happy birthday advance
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Hai priya happy birthday to you .may god bless u all necessary things in your life


I apologize in advance. I just couldn't resist commenting.

It's just too bad no one gave the appropriate reply. Would have helped me too.

I don't get it. Two choices were given: 'advance' or 'advanced'.

You get a reply: Happy Birthday in advance. Where did this come from? Is this the correct answer? Or the safe one? Are you saying neither is correct?
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AnonymousIt's just too bad no one gave the appropriate reply.
What people get here is how natives would provide the same information/make the same statement/ask the same question in natural language.

If someone proposes two (or more) alternatives and then three people all provide the same alternative, which is neither of the original two, you can safely assume that neither of the original two is correct (or, at least, that it is not natural), and you should use the version provided by the three native speakers.

If you don't consider a rephrasing in natural languge an appropriate reply, I don't know what you think is appropriate.

I am confused too...

Just to go around it...I write "Happy birthday xxx, in advance."

I believe, any way we write it, our friend will appreciate the thought...

I hope this helps...
Just by reading the comments, it seems to be "Advance" instead of "Advanced".

It's not that hard of a question people; She was asking if it's either Advance without the "D" in the end -OR- Advanced with the "D" in the end.

You have probably figured it out by now, however, I'm just re-stating your question due to a misunderstanding.
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