The History of Yoga a lot to do with present times. The earliest Yoga started some 5000 years ago since human civilization begun. The word "yoga" means "joined together" and the idea is to bring together the body, the mind and the emotions.

Exellent health and well-being are experienced in the results of a yoga practice such as: stress reduction, increased energy and awareness, increaed flexibility, focused mind and strong body. In our modern world there are so many types of yoga to choose from that it can confusing and difficult to start a yoga program. An appropriate yoga program should be adapted around our needs. Those on low-carb diets for weight loss or weight control can benefit tremendously by practicing yoga. These exercieses are accompanied by smoothing music and sometimes chanting. Breath work is also an important component of yoga. It trains the mind to recognize where and when we hold our breath. Focus on the breath dissolves our cravings and reduce stress. Progress in yoga depends upon how much effort we are prepared to put into, what our thought are on the subject and what our ambitious are. Thus, by necessity yoga is highly practical. The several styles and notice how you fel after each. An appropriate call is one where ay the end of class you feel internally rejuvenated. When you leave class you should feel lightness in your step and a desire to return.

You can become a Yogi simply reading a book. In addition, yoga instuction videos are available so you can practice in your own home. People who practice yoga feel that it clears their minds of everyday problems while at the same time it improves their general physical conditions. Yoga conserves energy while many exercise programs such as aerobics, weight training, bicycling expend energy. Unfortunately yoga has some lacks, for example, it might in fact be unsafe and harmful for some people to do. It takes a lot of time and people shoukd keep special diet etc.

Whatever your choice, practicing yoga is sure to bring health and relaxation into your life... And what do you think about it?

I AM doing yoga for past three month but i feel that this yoga bring me head pain and i have loss lot of energy also being so can give any solution to solve this problem and like share lot of experience in future thank you

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