it's my topic of exam, can you help me?
Shouldn't you say 'living in a megalopolis' and 'the topic of my exam' (I'm not so sure about the last one)

So we can turn that in a big discussion, and there sure will be many different standpoints.

Living in a megalopolis has its pros and cons. If you live in a large city, it's more likely for you to find a job, you can enjoy the divercity of commodities, you will not have to go to other cities in order to buy something you need... But a coin has its two sides. A main disadvantage of living in a many-million city is danger.You cannot walk undisturbed whenever you want. What is more, the bigger a city is, the more distant people become from each-other. And one can see this very well - how calm it is to live in the country and how friendly people are there.

Many more examples could be given, but it's your turn now Emotion: wink

- big opportunities
- many schools, shops, hospitals etc.
- easier and more comfortable life
- theatres, operas, cinemas - culture
- many different people


- stressful and fast life
- anonymous people
- rat race
- toxics
- pollution
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