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do u know i m a student i think 1 big advantage that i think that is when ur most tire u have to smoke it release ur tenshan
JA, u are rite, people should focus on things that can help S.A's economy because in three years from now S.A will be like Zimbabwe, Thabo Mbeki will be like his friend Mugabe and Jacob Zuma will live like Morgan Tsangarai, beside cigaratte is for white, they the's who introduced it and made our DAGGA illigal and NOW blacks smoke more than whites.

from Thokozani Mabaso @ Ladysmith
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No my dear is not that problem as you thought actually i could be wrong. However, there are lots of reason to let anyone starts smoking for instance, body stressful or family problem etc.

Hello guys!

Does these lack of breath in sports means that smoking can cause your stamina weak ? or cause for asthma problem?
HI sorry i'm not a smoker i'm juste looking for some ideesto right an essay
thank you
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I noticed that you did not mention the same for the writers as you did for the young lady that you though was trying to write an essay. I wonder why?

The other writers made sentence remarks as well.

At the start of the thread, I made suggestions to her about organization.

My remarks are still there for anyone who wants to take the time to read the thread.

I hope you don't think that I should repeat my remarks every time someone else posts to the thread?

Best wishes, Clive
Masha allah... thanx for speading good thoughts... if possible keep in touch. Allah hafiz
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how could you prove that smoking isn't bad for an individual health??
if there's any scientific proof to validitate your statement?
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