Advantages and Disadvantages of Smoking
Smoking is a bad habit widespread among teenagers.It contains dangerous items which destroy the human brain and lungs. It causes different diseases such as cancer in different areas in the human body.
From the religious point of view,it's prohibited . There are different clear versuses in the Holy Qura'n as God says;"Don't throw yourself in the destroy."
The reason of the teenagers' smoking is based on psychologica factors.Through smoking they think they show people that they are adult and can do whatever they want.

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April, 2006

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please check its structure

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There is not as many advantages as there is disadvantages. But people that are publishing things about smoking only show people the bad affects that can be some good side effects which people that smoke like which is relaxation because of the drug in the cigarette Nicotine it makes the brain think that its relaxing and give relief to the person smoking. But there is a lot of bad side effects which can harm our bodies
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Some people (usually women) also say that smoking helps them to stay thin.


I think theres a lot worse things in the world than smokin'... i mean theres genecide going on and all you people can go on about is people smoking Emotion: angry

Smoking isn't that bad if you only have three a day or less. Anyway i found out it decreases your changes of getting amnesiaEmotion: surprise
Also, maybe you need to establish that it is smoking tobacco that causes health problems, and what in the tobacco is dangerous. The act of smoking something is not of itself dangerous.
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I gave up smoking few years ago. I used to smoke a lot. As far as I know it's not only tobacco that damages your health, but also, mainly perhaps?, the substances you find in the cigarette paper, as the paper itself and tar.

Perhaps someday you will stop to smoke and realize the importance of life...while you are still living!!![K]


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