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Who will carry love over
( by Laszlo Nagy)

My soul if at last for ever sinks,
who will love the cricket- violins?
Who’ll breath flames on frosty branch?
on rainbows who’ ll be forever stretched?
Who will love crying the rock- hips
silently into soft lumped fields?
Who’ll coddle walls- coming out of these
fountains of hair, arteries?
And to ruined believes whose force
will build cathedrals out of curse?

Only the sea has come…
( by Attila Jozsef )

Between two poles of your ***-
a rope dancer’s dream stands on it.

The cloud has flown up, to let you float -
and I’ve looked for you too much:
mine flies with the breath of deep waters
and fat cones fall under my huge pine.

The highest grass too has grown on the hill,
in their heart there’s nice, green fire,
so that the tired beetles can find their way home
at night, and the Lord,
with open palms, with calmness plashing to His knees
waits at the end of their way.

But I’m not tired, my love-
Only the sea has come to my doorstep.

My soul if at last for ever sinks,
who will deter hawks over the seas!
Who will with his teeth, in high tide,
Take Love over to the other side!

( Ferenc Andras Kovacs)

you unbutton my blouse
I unbutton yours
keep cover my mouth
pour on me as love pours

you button my blouse
I button yours
two red ropes bug
me as death lures

With my everyday death
( by Sandor Csoori )

I’ drink, from superstition, I’d drink for you,
not to die, vodka wine,
spirits strong as poison.
The Danube would carry my days, my nights too,
my shade, a crumpled bag would carry the Danube,
my frayed shirtsleeve would float above
on the bushes near
And me, winking at yellow roses that depart
With my daily death I’d redeem you, my love,
for your louring cells
I’ d seek healing god on my knees I would silently crawl.
Beautifully beautiful all.
Yeah. Better then the originals.Emotion: smile
" S dult hiteknek kicsoda allit,
karomkodasbol katedralist?"
" and to ruined beleives wose force
will build cathedrals out of curse?"
Isn't it?
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Are you losing consciouness again, dear?
I juat wanted you to compare the two versions. By the way, you could translate these, or other lines you want into Spanish. I adore Spanish. Enrique Iglesias' s Spanish. Singin Hero.Emotion: smile Where's your photo, Maj? Aren't a member of the clan?