After a section on sexist biases and tones in English literature, my Creative Writing teacher gave us an interesting assignment. Our subject for a current essay is "What are the disadvantages and advantages of being male/female in today's world?". I thought this would be an easy topic, but after today's class discussion, I looked at the list. For females, there were NO advantages. Being a female this made me pretty depressed, because I couldn't even think of any advantages.Emotion: crying Could any of you find any advantages for females, so my essay can be a bit easier???
We can have babies - even if we don't have a partner.

We live longer.

In some countries we have a greater choice of roles in life (many people don't find it acceptable for men to be 'house-husbands.'
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If I don't want to get House Rent Allowance (HRA). Is it possible you give me money for HRA? There is free disability for Tax and ESI with medical certificate for deaf. If any doubt, you ask both offices.
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Women are fighter, they fight for their rights, basic rights or more(regarding to their country and society). and so women have learned to not settle for less. they know what they want, fight and achieve it. honestly I didn`t see this in men as much as women...
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