What are the advantages to studying english as a second language...?
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What is your native language?
What is the disadvantagesEmotion: big smile It is a very effective language in comparison with German or French.
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Feebs11What is your native language? SINHALA
In today's business world, English has become the default second language. If you are an Italian doing business with a Chinese customer or supplier, it's more likely that the two of you can speak together in basic English than that either of you will know the other's language. If you're a tourist, you'll find that most shops and hotels have staff that speak some English as well, which will make dealing with them a bit easier if you can speak English. It's not fair, but it is reality.
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Dear Brother

There is no argument, for the advantages of learning English language as you know that’ Today, English language is considering number one in terms of having the largest numbers of speakers or followers. It is currently the primary language used on the World Wide Web, in the political and business arenas. Many countries around the world where English is not the native language, today it is still widely spoken, written and integrated in the curriculums of educational institutions. It has become the most popular language and is an ideal language for expressing our feelings. But what you mean it is not fair, but it’s reality? Even though the classification that you have made, you classify English language as a second language right? So in your opinion which language could be the first language in terms of the popularity? I am from the francophone country, and the official language in my country is French. However, I have found many opportunities and advantages of learning English language which it may be difficult to find in the other languages, such as Italian, Spanish, French, and Germany, as well as portages, and so on, even known only Arabic language without English in the Arabs countries, your advantage will be narrow than, one who knows both of the languages. Myself personally I can speak 3 international languages fluently; I am influent in Arabic as well. So English is number one no deny or second my Dear.

Diao Mamadou.
it's Arabic but i speak English fluently
emmm...mybe we become more cnfident when communicate with other people..
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