1.This year, firecrackeers were louder than ever.

"ever" is adverb.

"this year" is what.

I have to uderline theadverb in the following sentences.

I don't know how to underline here(site) so I have written the adverbs in brackets.

Please check these and correct if there is any mistake.

1.She's really(adverb) an expert swimmer now(adverb).

2.She's actually(adverb) writer;She's quite (adverb) famous too(adverb).

3.Why(adverb) are they making so much(adverb) noise.

4.Do you aften(adverb) make pudding?How(adverb) is it made?

5.I will certainly(adverb) help you when I am free.

(when I am free=adverbial?)
Adverb Test
Q: When were firecrackers louder than ever?
A: This year. (adverb)

Q: How much noise?
A: So much noise. ('so' is an adverb; 'much' qualifies the noun 'noise', so it's an adjective.)

Q: When will you help me?
A: When I am free. (The entire clause functions as an adverbial phrase.)

The rest look good. Well done!
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1.Do you aften make pudding? How is it made?

2.She is actually writer;She is quite famous too.

3.Why are they making so much noise.

I have to underline the adverbs in the above sentences. I have some doubt here.

In (1) adverbs are "often" and "how"(doubt for "how");

In |(2) adverbs are "actually","quite"(doubt),"too".

In(3) adverbs is "so" or "so much".


Please check it.
(1) Do you often make pudding? How is it made?

=> 'often', note the spelling 'o-', not 'a-', is a frequency adverb.
=> 'How' is an interrogative adverb.

(2) She is actually a writer; She is quite famous, too.

=> 'actually' is an adverb. You can move it around, like this,

Actually, she is a writer. / She is actually a writer. / She is a writer, actually.
(Please note, 'writer' is a count noun, so it takes a determiner, 'a'.)

=> 'quite' is an adverb. It modifies the adjective 'famous'.

(3) Why are they making so much noise?

=> 'so' is an adverb. It modifies the adjective 'much'.
TEST: HOW much noise? SO much noise.
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