Hello everybody,

I have a question about a point of English grammar that I have trouble grasping; maybe you specialists could enlighten me.

With certain intransitive verbs, one can form a sentence with either an adjective or an adverb. For example:

The sun shines bright in the sky.
The sun shines brightly in the sky.

or the well known

Hope springs eternal.
Hope springs eternally.

Grammatically, I understand using the adjective instead of the adverb makes the verb transitive, but what I don't quite understand is the difference it makes in the meaning of the sentence, if there is any difference.

I elicit to use this or that form in sentences I say every day because it "feels" more correct, or less awkward, but I'd really like to know formally what form to use and why instead of relying on gut feelings.

Thank you in advance!
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Check your grammar book under "predicative adjunct".
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mokkaCheck your grammar book under "predicative adjunct".
But I've never owned one. Can you recommend a good one?

Best regards, - A.
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While it may be regarded as 'out of fashion', one can always count on good old A Grammar of Contemporary English by Quirk/Greenbaum/Leech/Svartvik, Longman 1976 (my edition)

I was thinking I'd heard posters arguing about Quirk vs. Longman. Perhaps I have Longman confused with someone else.
How do you know when you can and can't add/subtract the "ly"? Certainly every adverb can't be made a flat adverb...or can it?
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The sun is shinning brightly. Which word is adjective in this sentence?


The sun is shinning shining brightly. Which word is an adjective in this sentence?

There is no adjective in that sentence.


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If you can substitute a form of the verb to be and essentially have the same meaning, use the adjective form:

The stars are bright.

Hope is eternal.

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