Hi. In the naver.com dictionary, a definition for the word "below," among many, is this.


3. ADV : n ADV, ADV after v

You use below in a piece of writing to refer to something that is mentioned later.

Please write to me at the address below.

My question: What does the word/adverb "below" modify in the above example sentence, "Please write to me at the address below"? I think an adverb can/could modify an adjective, adverb, or a verb.

How about these? What do the adverbs (I think it is an adverb for the sentences below) "below" modify in the following sentences?

Please find the answer for the problem below.

The problem below is difficult to answer.
It is a post-modifying adjective of the noun 'address/problem'.
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Hi. Thank you. Is it possible to have the following types of sentence structures. (I am not sure I wrote the question correctly to reflect what I wanted to say, though) I hope you would be able to answer my question, though. Thank you for your anticipated help.

1. subject + "be" verb + adverb

2. subject + stative verb + adverb
Both seem odd to me. Would you like to suggest some example sentences? Nothing in particular comes to my mind.
Thank you, Mr M. I don't think I can come up with some correct example sentences that follow the sentence patterns I mentioned in my previous post.

The two pattern I mentioned/brought out were:

1) subject + "be" verb + adverb and 2) subject + stative verb + adverb.
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