How did you sleep? (How was your sleep?)

Answer: Soundly. (Sound)

How did you do that.? (The procedure of doing that).

Ik both the usages are right but I'm not sure

Can someone provide me the links. And more example sentences so that I can learn better.


The following link may help, especially definitions 1a and 1b. From the viewpoint of English speakers, those are not seen as different usages. Both mean "in what way?" to us. There are also examples at the link.


seraph42How did you sleep? ...
How did you do that? ...
Ik I know both the usages are right, but I'm not sure. Emotion: surprise

No texting abbreviations, please! This is an English forum, so we'd like to see everything spelled out for the benefit of all our students.

You can't know and not be sure at the same time. Consider that the next time you write a sentence like that. Emotion: smile

(Yes, both are right.)