Traveling today can be like watching TV, channel surfing through a bombardment of images too fast to read and too various to sort.

About 'channel surfing' above, is it a gerund which is a restatement of and thus clarifies 'watching TV'? Or is it originally a reduced adverbial clause which modifies 'watch TV' and 'watching TV' is the gerund form of it?
Hi Taka;

First, traveling and watching are gerunds; the subject and a predicate noun respectively.

"channel surfing..." could be interpreted as an adverbial participial phrase, which describes how the "watching TV" is being done, and modifying "watching."

It could also be interpreted as a gerund phrase, in apposition to "watching TV."

I favor the second interpretation because, if the phrase "watching TV" is deleted, the sentence still makes sense. But others may have different opinions.
OK, I take other people's silence as silent agreement with AS.