Hi All,
I know that : Noun + "ly" = Adjective
But is it possible that : Noun + "ly" = Adverb ?
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Hi ssvas,

Yes, it is, sometimes. Take "manly" for instance.

That's an interesting one. Any examples?
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Dear maj,

"He acted manly in face of adversity." This will do, I guess.
What do you think?

Great! It sounds so masculine.
But I think "manly" is more of an Adjective than an Adverb.
Another example : purposely(purpose+ly) is registered as an Adverb.
But is it grammatically correct to form an Adverb by adding an "ly" to a word.
(Note: most dictionaries seem to recognise this)
I read that only an Adjective can be formed by adding an "ly" to a word.
Any opinion ?

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If "manly" in "he acted manly in face of adversity." is "more of an adjective than an adverb", this sentence is wrong.

An adjective cannot modify a verb.
Here in this sentence "manly" modifies the verb, "act".

Mostly, "manly" works as an adjective as we find in the example of " a manly attitude" and in many others. At the same time, it is a legitimate adverb in different situations. I am pretty sure both are acceptable.
ah im soory i want to ask what are the inflectoins of adverb' if adjective has superlative comparative and positive how about adverb?????Emotion: crying
Actually in this sentence, "manly" is arguably not modifying "act", but rather "he", the pronoun. Manly is an adjective as it is used in 99% of cases (according to the dictionary it can be used as an adverb, but it is considered archaic). Typically adverbs end in "ly", but this is a case where an adjective also ends in "ly".

For example if you say "He acted stern…" stern is an adjective of "he" and isn't modifying the verb. It's a slightly different way of saying essentially "He was stern", in the same way that saying "He acted manly" is more akin to saying "He was manly."

Now on the other hand, consider an actual adverb like "He acted quickly…". Clearly in this case it's an adverb modifying the acting.

If you used "manly" as an adverb it would look something like this: "He walked manly to the door." It feels weird because we usually use it as an adjective, and not an adverb.
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