What happens when we have two adverbs in the following:

"She drove extremely quickly"

"She did not drive particularly quickly"

"She drove particularly quickly"

Strictly speaking, am i correct in using quickly instead of quick?

Hello Anon,

Yes, "quickly" is the usual form, in a sentence like that, in standard English.

(Your first adverb qualifies your second adverb.)

Best wishes,

I see three of them.
The one in the first sentence modifies an adjective.

One in the second sentence describes the main verb, "finished," and the other tells something about that one.
(An adverb can modify another adverb.)

They all seem to answer the question "how."
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can u help me pick out two adverbs from these sentences.

Robert is an extremely talented baseball player

autumn finished the paint job very quickly.
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That's right. It sounds funny, but it is fine.