Help from english experts in resolving a little dispute wld be much appreciated hereEmotion: smile

I just used a sentence "I am adverse to travelling". H/w my friend corrected me to say that what I should have said was "I am averse to travelling".

Whilst I think that he may be right, I was just wondering if my initial usage of the term is grammatically correct? Thanks in advance.
It is not grammatically correct since you misused the word. Emotion: smile

Adverse (adjective):
1. antagonistic or inimical; hostile: adverse criticism
2. unfavourable to one's interests: adverse circumstances
3. contrary or opposite in direction or position: adverse winds

Averse (adjective)
1. (postpositive; usually foll. by to) opposed, disinclined, or loath

"I am averse to travelling" is the correct one.

Hope this helps! Emotion: smile
Hiya, Thanks Raul. Its what I expected. H/w I had looked up the word "adverse" in the Chambers Dictionary and one of the meanings given was "disapproving". So it was in that context that I thought to use the adjective ie. I disapprove of travelling..."?