Here I submit some ideas of using advertising for specific “creativity” exercises.

· Advertising

Advertising, in general, seems to be a subject that’s worth being discussed in classes, especially with younger students. Even if it’s not considered a form of art by many, the fantastic range of different forms of advertising, from outdoor advertising to TV commercials in our society gives us an opportunity that should not be neglected.
Here are some suggestions :

-Presenting a slogan, then asking the student to imagine what service or product can be advertised with it, what it suggests, what type of advertising it is, to invent and describe fully a video or a picture that it can accompany, etc. It may also give us the possibility to debate varied aspects of the advertising business, marketing, promotion, as well as different aspects of the specific grammar structures used. And sense the richness and beauty of the language. Eloquent examples can be: “Love at first flight”,” Success is the art of choosing the best” or “ There are many of us. But only one of you.” And lots of others that can be taken from magazines, radio or TV, and believe me they can be interesting for most of your students, as well as for you too.

-Presenting an advertising picture or video, asking the students to imagine what it advertises, what slogan can they put near it.

- -Putting students into an imaginary situation of having a company and to organize a proper advertising campaign, in the media. They should decide how much to spend, on which target, which projects to choose, how to analyse their efficiency, how to collaborate with the advertising agency. Tasks can be for instance: a new modern language school, a new type of ELT material, a travel agents offer, a special type of energy drink,, according to the age, interests, education level of the students. If these situations are properly chosen you might find yourself in the perfect situation of hearing students talk freely, with pleasure , with bright eyes sometimes.

Asking students to invent dialogues that can be used in advertising different products and services if a video camera or tape recorder is available you can record the result which can be extremely exciting for them to view or listen to. This exercise too will give you the possibility to discuss grammar structures , but don’t forget: interrupting them for mistakes while creating and saying ideas may disrupt the line of communication, so it’s not advisable unless the mistakes are important. You can help students, especially at lower levels by writing parts of the dialogue on cards . For instance, for elementary students, one will have three cards saying: “ Where’s Larry?”, “ You’ve got such a cute kitten.”
“ I don’t know how they afford buying a fridge, furniture and all those stuff.” The other will have: “ Haven’t you heard about the new loan system at Harley’s?” , “ We eat together. But she always has Catberries.” and “ He’s out having a beer again. That new type of Silva beer makes him crazy.”

from " The Thoughts of a Private Teacher"

Copyright Dr. Peter Szabo, Romania, 2003
Did you really mean "love at first flight" not "love at first sight"?
It's a word game, and a Lufthansa slogan.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
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i am a copy writer in thailand. i had experience in there around 4-6 years. i was start this job by columnist first , and had someone invited me to join the advertisement company. but i am stop working right now ,because i want to study english skills and i want to be a creative english writer, but not in here, everwhere you can be.

the advertise words is very important. in my thinking, word's must short, easy to understanding, and have charators, but words can't stand by itself without picture. so you must to think of picture first and then follow by words. it's easy more to creat.

anyway, my english is poor. i hope you will understand my opinion hee hee...

albert einstein said "imagine is important more than knowleadge" i think it's really true. what do you think?
Thanks for the kind letter. Albert Einstein said , probably: Imagination is more important than knowledge.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
thank you to rewrite for me. i apperciate that.
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Excuse me.I am a newcomer here.I intend to study abroad to learn about making advertising film,but I don't know which major I should register.Could you help me please.Thanks a lot.
You may try at Asian Media Development center at India-Chennai-Tamilnadu satate situated at Anna Salai Road Their Contact number is:044-2841 8254 / 044-2841 8255
...Nilesh Vadia...
Picture+Message = understanding .... is it a smart defination for storyboarding ?????????????????

Story boarding is an important part of Advertisment ... While going through with this kind of ad exercise, one should ask to make storyboarding with punch line ...

And they can also undergo with diffrent kind of experiences................. probably an intresting way of learning the things infact learning by doing .....
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