Dear Teachers,

1.Just go for it! Good luck in your action-packed new life.
-What do “go for it!” and “action-packed new life” mean?

2.I wanna make a trip to UK for relaxing/to relax.
-Is this natural?

3.– In my free time I often help my Dad pull wild grass in the garden.
-In my spare time I often help my Dad weed in the garden.
-In my spare time I often help my Mom plant trees and flowers.
-Are these natural?

4.- Could you please wait for me a little bit?
-Could you please wait for me for a few/some minutes?

5.I have a problem that I wanted some advice on.
-I think “on” is redundant here, right?

- Thanks a lot to Teachers,

1-- go for it = accept the challenge; try hard to attain the goal
2-- I want to make a trip to the UK to relax / for relaxation. Wanna is an orthographic reproduction of the spoken phrase.
3-- wild grass is odd-- just call it weeds. How often does your Mom plant trees??. Otherwise, the grammar and structure are fine.
4-- all OK. Some is not common in this use; it means more than a few; a considerable number.
5-- No, on is required. I have a problem on which I wanted some advice is more formal.
I read the post of MM and having said that I would like to help ? you this way:

1. "go for it" carries the meaning of "go and do it" with a gung ho attitude - Go For It, Girl. You can do it and do it well. "action-packed life" means "adventurous life" with plenty of action to give an air of one having plenty of action in almost every moment of his/her life.

2. Same as Mr. MM

3. Same as him.

4. I would like to phrase it as "Could you wait for me a little while?"

I would not use "some" but use "a few"

3. Same as MM