Something funny I stumbled across today was the following about how to make a webpage:

It shows someone answering an e-mail when asked the question above. For English learners it contains some simple IT vocabulary with the words appearing on the screen and someone reading them aloud.

Personally it made me laugh (so 90s!).
Yahoo Geocities is kinda good to freshen up on and there are several sites for help if needed.
Depending on what purpose the finished website will serve kinda dictates how much technology you'll add to enhance the overall look and ease of use for surfers. Sometimes simple is most effective and less problematic.
yes its very valuable information .....thanks for the share
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First of all you need to buy a domain name. There are free domain names like but .com is a paid domain.

Then you have two options:
1. get a free hosting, install and setup CMS there (e.g. drupal or joomla)

2. just use a free website builder.

If you have the plan to create a website yourself, first you should have to know about the web page devoloping lanaguage HTML. I would like to refer this public website ( / ) for learning HTML. They providing a simple and easy steps for learning HTML. ALL the best....!!
what is the difference between software and information system
Software refers to applications written in a computer language which runs as an application on some computer system.
You can purchase or download software.

Information Systems is a general term covering the field of computing. It would include hardware, networking, operating systems, computer security, database systems, history of computing, computer languages, file systems, project management, geographic information systems, etc. It is a huge field with many specialties.
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