Is this sentence correct?

- Thanks for your advices.

And why?

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Advice is singular.

Thanks for your advice.

Is this sentence correct? No.

- Thanks for your advices.

And why? 'Advice' is uncountable.

Just say 'thanks for your advice' or 'he gave me three pieces of advice'.

Best wishes, Clive
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OK, how can I say "He has good advices"?

OK, how can I say "He has good advices"?

I'm not sure if you are talking about giving or receiving.

He gives good advice.

He receives good advice.

He gives good advice

But it's singular.
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Yes, that's the point. Advice is singular. I can give you advice on Monday, and again on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday. And all I have given you is "advice." NOT advices.

I will give you pieces of advice.

"pieces of advice" is common? or "some advice" is more common?
Yes, "a piece of advice" is common, but "pieces" is not.

"Some advice" is very common.
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